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The foundation of Virgin Mary Higher Secondary School was laid on Oct 22 nd  1986 when the seed was sown with a dream of seeing a large and beautiful tree bearing the flowers of knowledge and sharing the sweetness of its fruits to remove the sourness of illiteracy at Madhav Club Road Ujjain. The Virgin Mary family will be thankful to all those who always lend their hand to make the roots of the institution deep and strong. Though each step taken forward was tough enough but the blessing showered, VIRGIN MARY cleared the path and many who stood by the side of the path joined in the march towards the rainbow and their talents added more to make its color brighter. The school possess wwell-maintained building in Mangal Colony well equipped with all the basic amenities and sports facilities. Virgin Mary School has well qualified staff sharing a strong bond with the students. The school is affiliated to (State Board) Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal, Bhopal.

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